Janeane Garofalo Will Do Some Time on 24

Maybe reality doesn't bite, after all.

Following on the heels of the suggestion that there would be no CTU mole this year on 24, rather largely due to the fact that there would be no CTU at all, FOX has finally announced another piece of the casting puzzle that is Season Seven of 24.

Sure, we already knew that Cherry Jones had been locked as 24's first female president, but who will producers bring in as potential allies and/or enemies to BFFs Jack and Chloe next season?

Surprising answer: former Generation X poster girl Janeane Garofalo that's who. Garofalo will play a government agent tasked with investigating what The Hollywood Reporter calls "the crisis befalling Jack Bauer and company."

Just what the crisis of day seven is remains a mystery but perhaps it's just a subtle dig at 24's woeful production delays?

* * *

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