What's on Tonight

9 pm: Big Love on HBO

HBO's polygamist family drama Big Love is inching its way to its second season finale. On tonight's episode ("The Happiest Girl"), Bill and Margene attend a convention together; Alby discovers that Juniper Creek has been robbed; Rhonda attempts to blackmail Sarah; and Frank isn't quite done with amateur poisoner Wanda.

9 pm: Hell's Kitchen

No, I don't know why I am still watching this train wreck of a culinary competition. On Part 2 of the season finale, Rock and Bonnie square off as they prepare their own menus, and work with unqualified past contestants (including a teary Julia) to win the dubious top prize. Only one will walk away the winner and head chef at a Las Vegas resort that no one will ever visit.

10 pm: Weeds on Showtime

It's the third season premiere of Showtime's acclaimed comedy, Weeds. On tonight's episode ("Doing the Backstroke"), Celia discovers Nancy's stash and decides to teach her a lesson, while Andy teams up with the Alaskan bounty hunter in order to track down Shane and Kat.

10 pm: Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations on Travel Channel

The third season of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations continues as Tony Bourdain travels to Brazil, where he makes a stop in Sao Paolo to explore the diverse mix of cultures in this cosmopolitan city.

10:30 pm: Californication on Showtime

It's the series premiere of Showtime's latest drama, Californication, starring David Duchovny. Watch as one-hit wonder novelist Hank hits rock bottom, insults a blind date, and sleeps with a woman with a proclivity for punching him in the face.

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