What's on Tonight, August 7

9 pm: Eureka on Sci Fi

Season Two of Eureka continues tonight with "Duck, Duck Goose," in which a massive cloud, comprised of space debris, forms over the town of Eureka, leading Carter to investigate a possible chance of averting the complete destruction of this little Pacific Northwest burb.

10-11:02 pm: Damages on FX

FX's new legal drama Damages continues. On tonight's episode ("And My Paralyzing Fear of Death"), a mysterious threat could disrupt Patty's entire case against Frobisher while she is distracted by the disappearance of her troubled teenage son; Ellen discovers that she will have to sacrifice everything for her job; and Tom discovers something buried deep in Katie's past.

10 pm: Flipping Out on Bravo

Okay, I know this is unexpected but I can't help but watch the crazy people in this topsy-turvy world. In this week's episode, Jeff puts the house he's living in onto the market but encounters problems when the new house he's bought has a tenant that refuses to leave. Oh, and Jeff's cat Monkey goes missing. Meanwhile, check out Trash Guy's T-shirt in the confrontation scene.

* * *

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