Big Brother Power Rankings #3

Welcome back to the Power Rankings, the third edition. The tough part right now is that there isn't a clear cut leader... mostly because they keep shooting themselves in the foot. Odd alliances, playing both sides, getting in fights... and that's just Evel Dick! We need a two eviction night to spice things up, it's seeming more like a battle not to lose than a race towards victory at this point.

Nick11. Nick
It looks like Nick is a goner. I was amazed to see Daniele in the same room as her beau got taken for the proverbial "ride." Nick lost this game the minute he started getting infatuated. He'll realize that in a few weeks I'd guess.

Kail10. Kail
She'll dodge another bullet this week. Can she stick around long after that? Probably not, but she might make it long enough to see her nemesis Evel get the boot.

Zach9. Zach
He's universally disliked, and he seems to be oblivious to that. The idea of him winning HOH and then being ignored for the week is funny. But it won't happen. Because he won't win HOH.

Jen8. Jen
I found myself feeling bad for her. Perhaps she's not a bad person, just unaware and a bit self-absorbed. Sigh. Let the Jen bashing in the comments begin.

Evel Dick7. Evel Dick
Evel Dick continues to make very few friends, and he's painted himself into a corner, probably taking his daughter with him. It's nice that they are making up a bit, but Evel is still doomed in this game. Anyone that could make Jen seem sympathetic is really working the obnoxious vibe overtime.

Daniele6. Daniele
What will the emotional toll be on Daniele once Nick leaves? I think it will be massive. She'll lose her will to win, and though she'll stick around a little longer I don't see her heart being in it.

Amber5. Amber
She's in the dominant group but that doesn't make her less odd. What do you think would happen if Amber saw a movie like The Yearling? Would she just explode in a watery mess?

Dustin4. Dustin
Wow, you have to admire the moxie. Five grand plus a trip to Barbados. The fact that he sabotaged any views of him as a selfless leader... ah, what's that between friends? Seriously though, he's still doing okay, but he took a major hit this week. Ya can't have Amber questioning your cred.

Jessica3. Jessica
She's hard to even notice. She's in an alliance and floating too. I think she's the sort of BB player that people dislike though, because she doesn't really do anything.

Eric2. Eric
In some ways he might be in trouble because he's playing a lot of different crowds right now. As I said before, this is a hard group to rank, but people seem to like Eric's "dollar loving" ways right now.

Jameka1. Jameka
Give her one thing, she's true to her word. I don't know that she's actually "powerful" but I do know that she's trusted. That's got to count for something. And now for the truly good news... it's time for lunch!

If you've got some different views then you go ahead and let me know. But keep it nice. I'm sensitive.


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