Johannessen Replaces Greenwalt on CBS' Moonlight

One of the major stories that everyone was talking about last weekend at Comic-Con was the sudden and unexpected departure of David Greenwalt from CBS' new drama Moonlight, which has itself been massively retooled since May.

Upon running into anyone you knew, the first question posed to you was "did you hear about Greenwalt leaving Moonlight?"

While several names were discussed as possible replacements for the Angel co-creator, the one name that kept popping up time and time again was Chip Johannessen.

CBS has now confirmed that Johannessen has replaced Greenwalt, who left the Warner Bros Television-produced project about a certain private investigator with a penchant for drinking blood, due to what has been labeled "personal and health reasons."

Johannessen is best known as a consulting producer on James Cameron's short-lived FOX series Dark Angel and Millennium. But he's most familiar to most people for his work as a co-producer and executive story editor on Beverly Hills 90210 during the 1994-95 season. As a writer, he's also written episodes of Surface, Empire, 24, Dark Angel, The X-Files, and Millennium.

In the meantime, those of you curious about Moonlight can check out a new promo at this link.

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