Big Brother 8: We Get Letters

It's time to dip into the mailbag, check out the comments, and answer all the burning questions that vex the Big Brother universe.

First up, our comment of the week, from Chuckster:
Crying Amber is auditioning to be in the American Idol audience..As much as I hate Jen,Dick should be admonished for dousing her,an automatic up on the chopping block for 2 weeks in a row

Now that's how you comment people. I'm with him on both counts. I can't understand why Amber isn't a cause for concern - this level of crying can't be considered "healthy." I know they have a therapist on the staff, I'd love to know if anyone else is worried about her. Also, with Evel, he shouldn't be allowed to pour tea, or interact physically with a houseguest in any manner. Why was this "funny?" Whether you like Jen or not, you've got to wonder why she has to put up with this level of abuse.

Next, from Tommy T:
Does Eric have to vote (for who america chooses) on evictions? Or can he say no (which would make it just uncompleted task)?

Clearly he's given up his right to vote; which could make for interesting television in the future. For instance, what if America decides they want him to vote an alliance member out near the end? My thought is he should start saying "no" to the lobbying, even if his vote is already cast by America. There's no sense losing the game over something worthless like Kail/Nick. He also seems to misunderstand "America." People are voting for the most interesting scenario, not the one that helps Eric.

How about a fashion question from Karen?
Would you be able to tell me what brand Danielle's Floral Print Hoodie is?

No I would not, though I wish I could. However, if any of our readers know I would appreciate the answer so I can let Karen know. Thanks BB world!

Next question, from the mysterious "M":
What do they get paid each week and is it more if the make it to sequester?

The rumor on the street is that the All-Stars were paid much more per week than this current cast. I've heard thousands per week versus about $750 per week. I have not heard if the dollars jump up in sequester but I wouldn't be surprised either way. Last year my recollection was that they were paid more in sequester.

Time for the sexy question of the week from our pal Jacquie:
Why, why, WHY in the live feeds, we have multiple moments of watching JEN in the tub, doing exercises, etc?! It pans up her legs, down her legs, watching her just SIT THERE in the tub for what seems like ages at a time. Is the guy behind the camera in LOVE or is he just trying to torture us?!

Well, I'd say the cameramen probably get lonely in those long nights in the booth. Also, if you're already stocking the house with 20-something lookers than you'd guess that they're going to feature them, right? I'm not saying that's what I'd do but I am saying it's not even a little bit surprising. Maybe I'm just too cynical.

Let's hear from a Canadian!:
I think it would be neat to have some Canadians on the show for the "twist" on BB9 (if there shall be a 9th season, which I sincerely hope so) - Krystal

I'm fully in favor of this. I visit Canada every few months and enjoy myself greatly every time. Go Canada!

Ready for something hard hitting from Linda?
My friend and I are both mental health professionals and we both enjoy studying group dynamics. We are concerned that this year the group is too homogeneous(mostly all good looking, young, great bodies...) and, in an attempt to be "interesting", more like cartoon characters. We think Jen sounds like she is reading a script and Jessica can't REALLY have that squeeky, annoying voice! We think BB is either pulling a fast one on us by putting actors in the house, or they were just plain off on their choices. After the fun of watching the all-stars last year, this year's group (with maybe the exception of Dick) is boring, boring, boring!! Are we the only ones who think this year's group is rather blah???

Well, I think it takes a bit to get into every season but the "too homogeneous" charge has some merit. You've got to have some Chicken George in your BB show, just to mix things up. A lot of the houseguests feel interchangeable at times, and ED is simply too ED at times. But casting 14 people has got to be hard, figuring out how they will all mix. Of course the temptation would be to throw some attractive folks in and hope for the best, which seems to be the case here. I do think the Eric AC thing will prove to be the most interesting facet of the season, and it will only get better the longer he stays in. Look for him to get angry with America if we keep jerking him around. I guess that's another vote for the Canadians, eh?

Mercifully, that's all we have time for. Check back every week for more of your biting questions and my desperate attempts to answer them!