Box Office Predictions: It's Jason Bourne's Weekend

5. Hot Rod $10.1m
Harry Potter will most likely take this slot but I couldn't resist throwing in Hot Rod. I like Andy Samberg, Yorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer too much to leave them off the list, and I'm hoping this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

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4. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry $10.5m
This, on the other hand, has not won the favor of my people - thus it must be banished from the land. Admittedly $80m in revenue isn't the most effective banishment.

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3. Underdog $13.6m
I've heard from a few parents that they are dreading having to slog out to this. I don't know, the trailer wasn't awful... and I like Jason Lee. Of course, the fact that they didn't screen this for critics is a bit troublesome. That's studio speak for "we're ashamed."

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2. The Simpsons Movie $39.2m
This will have a decent second weekend, it's received too much adoration not to do well. For my part I thought it was good, as the show is good... but not great. Team America was great. The Simpsons Movie was merely effective.

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1. The Bourne Ultimatum $58.1m
It will win the weekend easily, as Bourne Supremacy opened at $52 million way back in 2004. I really love this series and am glad to see it have success. I've also nominated this one for "best sequel" along with Die Hard. Left off the list? Shrek the Third, Hostel II, Evan Almighty.... the list goes on and on.


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Check back with MaryAnn on Monday. She'll recap it with furious moxie.

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