Dreaming of the Dragon Wars

You have no idea how much my little geek heart twitters and flutters for dragons. I'm the guy who freaked out over Reign of Fire. I'm the guy that owns, and watches time and again Dragonslayer. I'm the guy who goes to sleep at night dreaming of what Dragonheart would have been like if they kept Patrick Reid Johnson's original concept and had Henson studios make the dragon instead of that lame, not yet ready CG. In fact, check out some photos of the prototypes here, along with a stand-in actor, the young, struggling Clive Owen!

So when I first heard the title D-Wars, I shuddered. Oh no. Not another direct-to-video piece of lameness. Then I heard it was a $70 million Korean film, and having loved the hell out of last year's The Host, I got interested. Then I sat and watched this trailer and gazed upon the poster.

Oh. Freaking wow. Holy crap. DRAGONS! OMG! DRAGONS! Huge, destructive dragons against tanks and helicopters and missiles and machine guns! Everything we'd hoped for in Reign of Fire this movie gives us in the trailer. Oh lord. Oh lord. Calm down, Cargill. Breathe. It's only a trailer. It's only a trailer. BUT IT'S DRAGONS!

And if you check out the tagline on the poster: "They've made our world their battleground." Wow. Sounds like they're trying to capture that feel of Transformers? Hell, that climax footage even looks like Transformers. But with dragons. Um. Yeah. I am so there, I can't even express how fast I'm there. DRAGONS!

What I'm really hoping for, however, is that this is a film trying to capture the spirit of The Host. For those of you that never saw it, The Host is a fantastic film that took the classic giant monster genre and added a level of deep pathos as a family desperately races to save one of their own who might still be alive and in the beast's clutches. The Koreans love their deep character drama in the midst of their big-budget epics. They're not huge fans of spoon-feeding the audience with their films. Methinks this could not only be exciting, but meaty and smart as well.

September 14th cannot come soon enough for the Cargill household.

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