Nicole Richie Looks for some Softer Time

In the news today:

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Nicole Richie wants to do her time in the Los Angeles County jail. Richie's lawyer contacted the county Sheriff's Department earlier this week and indicated the reality TV star wanted to serve her four-day sentence in county lockup rather than a city jail, sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said Thursday.

See, this is planning. You've got to own your surroundings people. County jail = good, city jail = bad. It's the same thing with mice actually.

The only odd thing here is:

Richie was ordered to spend 90 hours, either in county jail or at any city jail in the county that would accept her.

It's only 90 hours, three and a half days, how bad could city jail be? Also, given the language of that order I would just build my own jail and have it accept me. My jail would have a dolphin tank if that helps you get the vibe of what my jail would be all about.