Movie of the Week: They Shoot Movies, Don't They? ...The Making of Mirage

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Director: Frank Gallagher

Writer: Frank Gallagher, Tom Paul Wilson

Production: Nobody Productions

Genre: Independent, Documentary

Starring: Tom Paul Wilson, Adele Baughn, Ari Barak,

Anadel Baughn, Jerry Feifer

Runtime: 87 min.


Reality Bites the Big Picture in They Shoot Movies, Don't

They?...the making of Mirage a voyeuristic look at first time

director Tom Paulson, and the movie he wrote and directed called, Mirage.

Frank Gallagher is the documentarian whose camera waits and watches as

Paulson navigates through a jungle of investors, colleagues, friends

and family, searching for money to finish his film. A line blurring

examination of what one might give up, in order to succeed.

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