Kim Kardashian to do Reality TV Series

With The Simple Life coming to a permanent close, where are we going to get our doses of celebretard antics? Besides, you know, on all the gossip blogs?

Look no further than Kim Kardashian! Kim, her siblings and her step-siblings -- including famewhore Brody Jenner -- are slated to do a Brady Bunch-style show for an unnamed network (meaning it probably hasn't been officially picked up yet -- or she doesn't want to admit that it's VH1).

"We're all so different," says Kim about the show. "Khloe’s, like, hysterical and says these ridiculous things. Kourtney is such a bitch. I’m in between. Brody’s so wild. The two little ones are adorable...It’s just such a good mix."

I give it four episodes.

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