HoH Competition Liveblog: Cuckoo

The Head of Household competition has the houseguests suspended from swinging pendulums and hanging upside down, while getting sprayed on occasion with fake (I think) bird poop. Personally, anything that involves the combination of upside down and swinging would make me sick in about 30 seconds, so from that standpoint it's hard to believe this could last very long. But I'l bet at least a few of these hamsters have what it takes.

7:23: The competition had to be restarted because of some sort of equipment malfunction. All the men fell out of the competition quickly, and now Daniele, Jen, Jessica, and Kail remain. Dick is trash talking Kail (below) mercilessly. Jameka is trying to encourage all of them.


7:27: Jessica is out, and now the LNC hopes rest in Daniele's hands.

7:37: Eric is complaining to BB that one of the women was doing what he did when he was disqualified.

7:42 Now a deeply unpleasant rant regarding the way Jen talks to Daniele. Eric is involving himself, for some reason.

7:53 Almost a half hour now with just these 3...still, it only takes one more off for the serious horse-trading to begin. And if the next off is Daniele, the entire competition should end about a minute later.

Eric commisserates with Jessica:


Daniele looks none too comfortable:


Kail representing for the middle-aged-in-10 years-or-so:


8:06: Feeds have been off for a few minutes now...

8:08: Heh. Dingo is reporting that the competition was actually stopped because of a banner.

8:12: Feeds are back, and Jen is out! She looked so good, too. Kail and Daniele have begun the horsetrading...oops, Kail now out. Daniele is HoH!

Jen looks nervous...hard to see how both she and Kail can both squeak through again:


8:22 Dick just gave Kail a hug! I didn't quite catch it, but it sounded like he was giving her a reassurance that Jen would be the target. I didn't hear if Kail had a promise of safety from Daniele or not, but it did look like she came down voluntarily rather than falling off, so maybe she did make a deal.

I admit to being a bit disappointed that it's not even 11:30 in my time zone and we're already finished. Back in my day, the endurance competitions were true tests of endurance! And we watched the feeds using tin cans and a string!


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