Get Classic Popeye on DVD!

Nearly 75 years after his Silver Screen debut, everyone's favorite

sailor makes it to DVD this week in Popeye The Sailor 1933-1938 Volume

1. These classic Popeye animated shorts made Popeye, Olive Oyl and

Bluto national pop icons and have been demanded by fans for


Popeye The Sailor was introduced to the American audience in 1933

and became one of the most endearing and successful characters in

animation history, mainly because of his unique vernacular and

hilarious catch phrases. His adventures were strange, humorous and

often supernatural as he traveled all over the world to resolve

conflicts with enemies. Much like the other animation icons of the

1930s, the Popeye plots invoked traditional values, possessed

uncompromising moral standards and resorted to force only when


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