It's good to be liked, unless you are too well liked.

When the cameras were first turned on in the Big Brother house many of us were grilled to our screens. The thing that stuck out in my mind was that the “Eric” fellow was a complete idiot and wouldn’t last long in the house. He seemed to be all over the place and I really felt like he had no clue what he was doing.

Then over the next two weeks I watched the house warm up to him and saw that he was right in the middle - playing an early floating game (or so it seemed) - and I started hearing people say things like, “I really like Eric!” I also watched him talk with other people, the fake story about an ex-girlfriend to Kail, working his alliance to try to get people nominated, being a good sport with the America’s Player thing that I personally find silly most of the time.

But now, over the last few days, I have heard a few rumblings, that Eric is a good player, that everyone likes Eric, and these things have been said as a prelude to discussing why he needs to go sooner than later.

It's a fine line many of the HouseGuests walk, it will be interesting to see if Eric can keep it up.

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