Britney's Divorce: It's Official!

Remember the good old days, when the worst thing we had to say about Britney Spears was that she married Kevin Federline? Back when we thought he was the problem? Oh, how very wrong we were!

Another disastrous chapter in Britney's life (and, by extension, all of ours) has come to a close, as her divorce from Kevin was finalized today.

It looks like Kevin's getting $15K/month in child support as well as $20K/month in spousal support, but the spousal support will come to an end in November. The custody arrangement is currently a 50/50 split, but neither party is happy with that arrangement. Kevin, who's not even on speaking terms with Britney right now, wants full custody, and word on the street is that he plans to go back to court as early as this week to fight for it. Last I heard, Britney's mother and father are backing up Kevin's fight for full custody, because they recognize what a train wreck their daughter's become. Hey, at least they're not enabling Britney's insanity, a la Dina Lohan.

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