Futurama Will Go Back to the Future with a New Movie

Bender's back, baby!

Futurama creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen made the announcement at the series' panel at Comic-Con to much cheering and hollering. At the panel the cast also read aloud a nifty pocket-sized comic, filled to the brim with meta-references (related to the fact that the Box Network prime time episodes for the show have been canceled). Like I said, nifty.

Futurama will be returning with a feature length direct-to-DVD high definition film, due to be released on November 27. The title? Bender's Big Score. The plot? Something to do with a sinister coven of nudist aliens who gain the secret to time travel thanks to a birthmark on Fry's, er, posterior, and "an alien [who] controls Bender with cosmic repercussions."

That film will be followed by three additional direct-to-DVD Futurama films. The four films will then be chopped up into sixteen episodes (and slightly reconfigured for commercial breaks), which will then be aired on Comedy Central sometime in 2008.

Now would be the time when you rub your hands together with unabashed glee.

* * *

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