Deja Vu

Are these noms getting boring to anybody else or is it just me? Dustin nominated Kail and Jen for eviction this week with the intent to backdoor Zach. I'm sorry but this is weak sauce. Recycling old nominees back to back? Hoping to backdoor Zach? Why backdoor him?

If Zach is so unliked in the house, why even bother. FWIW, I find that Zach may be lacking in some social skills when it comes to the female gender but I certainly don't understand why they're all over his crack when he isn't around. Personally, I think there are much bigger targets than Zach and I think they're (Dustin and his semi-alliance) making a mistake in this here plan.

I believe backdooring is excellent when it can be executed properly. This is not that time though. And Zach isn't even the one to use it on. Pffft. Dustin should be worried more right now about Nick, Dick, and Daniele than Zach, Kail, or even Jen. He's taking the easy way out with these noms and I don't like it. B-O-R-I-N-G

I appreciate ballsy players more than I appreciate wannabes. Personally, I would have loved it if he had shaken things up a bit and put up Dick and Nick. Find out who his Whamber is loyal to. And if Dick or Nick got POV, then you put up Daniele in their place. Either one of those three going home would be better for Dustin (not necessarily for Whamber but she's a whole 'nother novel) than Jen, Kail, or Zach. I think Dustin is going to need Jen, Kail, or Zach later down the line especially when it comes to getting rid of Whamber.

Eric & Jessica are tight. Eric & Dick are tight but Eric doesn't particularly care for Daniele. Dick and Daniele aren't tight but have agreed to stay on the same page. Nick's a cocked revolver ready to go off at any moment. Daniele & Nick? Who knows or cares anymore but don't doubt me for one second when I say that she would definitely use him any moment that she needs to just to stay safe. Nick just doesn't think clearly with his big head. Jessica and Dick are just confusing and bizarre. Jameka throws a kink into things because she is a very strategic player unlike most of the others in the house. Dustin & Amber as a team is just jaw-dropping. But then Amber's jaw-dropping enough by herself so maybe Dustin...never mind. I won't continue that thought. Kail, Jen, and Zach would love nothing more than to align with somebody to get Dick, Nick, or Daniele out so they could do some dealing with Dustin to help him with this.

Either way, I don't think Dustin is going to win. He has a sorry partner (Whamber) and he's not a core member of any group. He'll be cannibalized by whichever group he's sucked in to but at least he could advance further in the game and make more money.

Regardless, I know I'm probably in the minority when I say I don't like the Kail & Jen (with the intent to backdoor Zach) noms this week. Of course, we know how quickly and often things can change in the BB house. I would really love to see Nick, Daniele, or Dick (even though I like him) gone.

To change topics, I'm still not completely sure as to who is on slop and who is not. I'm pretty sure that Jen, Kail, Dick, and Nick are on slop. Eric, Jessica, and Daniele are not on slop. Of course, Dustin is not on slop. Other than that, I have no idea. And these may not even be right. LOL

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