Honk If You Love Jameka

Another POV competition down and more prizes being awarded. What's up with that? Wait. I suppose I should first tell you that Jameka won POV or perhaps you could have guessed that from this post title.

Today's POV players were Dustin, Jen, Kail, Jameka, Jess, and Daniele. The competition involved solving rebuses that were displayed on a screen in the BB house. Some of the ones I've heard them say were: alliance, nominee, and Julie Chen. I'm still not quite sure how the prizes came in to play but Dustin won $5,000 and a trip for two to Barbados. The competition came down to Jen and Jameka. Jen threw it (she says she didn't) allowing Jameka to win the POV. The thing is that Jameka told Jen last night that since she was playing for Jen she would try to win it for her and would take Jen off the block if she won it. Yup.

When the feeds came back on this afternoon, Dick was going off on Jen and Amber was upset. They were pissed because Jen put Jameka in the position of forcing Jameka to use the POV on her instead of Jen winning it and using it on herself. Now if I was Jen, I probably would have done the same thing. Jen knows she's a safer bet to stay over Kail at this point. Jameka messed up in promising to use the POV on Jen if she won it and Jameka realized that later when talking preaching to a weeping Whamber later. After they were finally let back in the house, Jen approached Jameka and told Jameka that she really didn't know the answer and that she knows Jameka's in a tough spot. Mind you, she didn't empathize enough to tell Jameka she didn't have to use it on her. LOL

But back to the prize thing. What's up with the prizes this season? And so early in the season? I remember when the only prize in the POV competition was the Power of Veto. Meh....whatever. Time for a few random things now.

Dustin admitted to Eric after the POV competition that Kail was up as a pawn because she offered herself to be put up. Prior to this, the 'pawn' thing was only known by Dustin and Kail. I wonder who Eric will offer this info to and how soon it will be? I can't imagine them not taking taking advantage of Kail's throwing herself on the sword.

Whamber told Dustin that she wants to be on America's Next Top Model. Yes. You read that right. Now clean off your monitor.

I've finally figured out who the slop people are. This week they are: Nick, Dick, Jen, Kail, and Zach. Don't know why it took me so long to figure it out.

I'm sick of the way they treat Zach in the house. It gets on my nerves.

I am soooooo sick of Kail. I want her gone.

It's amazing that Whamber isn't dead from dehydration. How in the world she made it onto this show is beyond my comprehension. I am soooo awaiting the day she is on the block. OMG

"God is so gangsta." - said by Jameka to Amber in the BY earlier this afternoon

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