Lohan's Getting Publicity for New Movie

Less than a week before the opening of her new movie, I Know Who Killed Me, our favorite celebrity target, Lindsay Lohan, is in trouble again, arrested for allegedly drinking and driving and cocaine possession.

But criticizing Lohan right now is a little like shooting fish in a barrel. It's easy, cruel, and unfair.

Well, not completely unfair. I take that back. I, for one, believe that celebrities are fair game when they get into trouble or step out of line. These people do everything in the world to get us to pay attention to them, then start whining about their "privacy" when they get bad


Sorry, fame's a bitch.

But going after Lindsay is definitely cruel. Alcohol and drug addiction is serious business. What Lindsay needs most right now is love and support. Not arguing. Not "I told you so." Not enabling. And not ridicule.

But not pity either. Lindsay's an adult. Like every single other addict on the planet, she faces a choice: to use or not to use. No one except an addict can understand how difficult that choice is, and they face it every single day of their lives. But Lindsay made that decision (after her second time in rehab). Nobody else made the decision to drink or do drugs for her. She made it herself.

Relapse is a bitch.

When I started writing this article, I intended to poke a little fun at LL. In a previous article I said losing Lindsay as an actress wouldn't be worth crying over. I stand by that. I don't care if she makes another movie in her life. But no one -- not me, or any other celeblogger -- has the right to write her off as a person.

I joked once before that rehab is just the latest "must-have" line on a Hollywood resume. Truth is, addiction has always been a career enhancer. Nobody has stopped going to Nick Nolte movies. Guys like Tom Sizemore and Danny Bonaduce make reality shows out of their recoveries. Heck, Bonaduce tells relapse stories for fun on the radio. And I guarantee that if Whitney Houston put an album out tomorrow, it would go platinum.

And that's the saddest part of this whole situation. It's quite likely that this latest incident will only help I Know Who Killed Me. That is the ugly upside of celebrity addiction.

I don't know if Lindsay will finally get the help she needs. I've decided, though, that she deserves it. Not because she's a celebrity, but because she's a person.

Ethan Morris: "Not always right, but never in doubt." Go ahead and write me.

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