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-:40 - Gettin' ready for show time

:00 - Previously on Big Brother 8....

:02 - Hey there Julie! You look fetching in your coral-colored top and white pants. Dick's week is coming to an end. Out of loyalty to Kail, Mike tried to knock Dick out of the HOH comp so Dick gave Jen the win. But first, this week's veto comp set off a chain reaction in the house causing Dick to rethink his plan.

:03 - Jen uses the POV on herself. Dick puts up Mike. It is what it is. Kail in DR says it's a horrible feeling to be sitting next to Mike on block because he's a friend and a great guy. Mike in DR says he's not going to campaign against Kail. Zach in DR says he'd vote Kail out 150%.

:05 - Dick & Nick in HOH room. Dick says putting them up would break up the alliance. He wants to break the two of them up. Nick & Dick agree on sending Mike home. Dick goes to Jameka and Dustin saying he thinks Mike needs to go next. Jameka in DR feels like she would be one of Mike's targets if he was HOH because they don't really connect.

:06 - Kail & Jen in hammock. Kail asks Jen if she's going home and Jen says nobody's really talking about. Kail says she needs five votes and that her only hope is that maybe others will think now will be time for a strong player to leave. Jen says most others don't think that Mike's a strong player. Mike talking to Jen in kitchen. Jen tells Mike that Kail never even told her after sleeping with her for 19 nights that Kail never even told her about that alliance. Mike in DR says he hopes that everybody sees him as true and trustworthy.

:08 - Jameka, Jessica, and Nick in BY. Nick thinks it would be best if Mike's gone. Nick thinks keeping Kail around would be beneficial just because she's going to be screwed in the head.

:08 - Eric gets his mission as AP. Who should get evicted from the BB house? The answer is Kail. Says he thinks Mike will be leaving on a 9-0 vote but if America wants Kail to go he's going to try to send her packing. Eric starts trying to get Kail gone by talking to Dustin & Amber in kitchen.

:09 - Dustin, Jameka, Dick, Eric in HOH talking about pros and cons of keeping Kail. Eric wants to analyze things in detail and says he doesn't one or the other to happen and is more than happy for either of them to go home (all of this is going home while Dick is farting in the bathroom and spraying freshener). LOL Amber joins HOH room. Eric thinks Kail is a far more aggressive and active player than Mike will ever be. Eric wants to take out the aggressive and active player. Dani comes in HOH room now. Dick catches Dani up. Eric says he knows how Kail can harm them but doesn't know how Mike can. Eric says in Dr that he's trying for us. Dustin back in HOH says he's planning on voting Mike out. Dick brings up Kail's aggressive campaigning and how she could do that to any one of them at any time.

:12 - Nick may have given Daniele the key to heart but before she came in to the house the key to her heart belonged to someone else. Who is the man that Daniele left behind and will he still be there when she returns? Also ahead, the HGs cast their vote to evict live. But first, let's go to the DR.

:13 - Zach says Kail has already played her hand, folded her hand, and is basically packed and ready to go and they might as well open the door for her. Dustin says Mike eats a lot and is a giant and has the personality of a dead fish. Jessica says Mike is very strong but isn't sure how smart he is because he never talks. Amber says Mike's just really hard to read and is a wild card. Jessica says Kail is a strong player because she's smart and competitive and if she stays longer it will be harder to get her out later. Dustin says Mike is a silent but strong and that those types are the silent but deadly types and have to go. Commercial.

:16 - JC welcomes us back and reminds us we're live. Time to go the living room to talk to everybody. She says one of you is incredibly bold this week. They show footage of Zach streaking and everybody's laughing and clapping about it. Zach, what possessed you to do this in front of everybody? He says that there's highs and lows in the game and was feeling a low but needed his high back and feels it worked. Jameka, you've been a little bit quieter. What do you think about your fellow HGs drawing attention to themselves. Says she knows when to hold them and when to fold them. Asks Jen about the mustard on her shirt. Jen says she's decided to stop the investigation until she gets home and has no suspects. Eric, that was quite a wrestling match you had with Jen a while back. How does it feel that you were pinned by a girl on national TV. He says she's buffed up and he's one of the biggest guys in the house but that he's up for a rematch.

:19 - What does Dani's live-in boyfriend have to say about the man that appears to be stealing Daniele's heart? Showing footage of Dani & Nick making googly eyes and talking about her boyfriend.

:20 - Kris says he and Daniele have been together for 2 years. He says their relationship is serious and they've talked about marriage in the past and believes Dani is his soulmate. More footage of Nick and Daniele. Kris says Nick is the typical guy that makes all of them look bad. Wants to think it's all strategy and gameplay. Says Daniele told him straight up before she went into the house that he has to trust her and that it's a game. Dani crying about Kris' upcoming birthday footage. Kris knows that Dani wants to be with him and loves him but that right now she's just confused. He doesn't think Dani will screw up their relationship and that Nick can do whatever he wants to try to do but that he's not worried about it. It's all about trust. Footage of Nick/Dani under the blanket. Kris can't wait for her to come home.

:22 - Dick in HOH talking with Julie. She asks about his relationship with Daniele right now. He says he got his first hug in over two years and that things are going in the right direction. She asks about Nick and his feelings towards Daniele. If he had to decide right now if he could trust Nick right now...he said he would evict him right now if he had the chance. Asks about calling people out. Dick says it's gameplay calling people out so that people don't have to run around and whisper behind people's backs. No he said/she said. He says he got so deep into Kail's head that he needed a miner's light to get in there.

:24 - More about Jen coming up. Back to DR.

:24 - Jen says that Kail is a definite liability to her now and that she can't tell her any info because she doesn't know what's going to get out. Jameka says that it was already established during the veto comp that if you can get a commitment from Mike he'll be on your side to the end. Dani thinks Kail jumped into the game a little bit too fast and didn't think about the decisions she was making and it was sloppy game play. Nick says the only reason he'd want to evict Kail is because the alliance is in shambles and she doesn't know who to trust and that she kinda outed him and thinks he might be a target of her. Jameka thinks Kail could help her in the long run because she feels they have an established rapport. Dani gets the impression that Mike is a lot smarter than people take him for and if they don't get him out now it might be harder down the road.

:28 - JC welcomes us back. Jen is a Beverly Hills nanny outside the house. Footage of Dick/Jen talking in BY about how people think of her. Jen's mom Anita says she was not like this as a child. Double major in Child Development and Architecture but thinks that first impressions are what they are. Kara (friend) thinks that Jen got upset about the picture because it's her livelihood and is used to looking at her pics with a fine-toothed comb. Mom says it did hurt her a little bit when Jen took her pic down and that she may think that sometimes appearances are more important than they need to be. More Dick/Jen footage. Kara talks about a convo that she and Jen had before she left about how Jen needed to play dumb in the game. Footage of Jen being airheaded. Anita says she's a great girl and that she hopes she's around long enough so that we can see that.

:30 - Who will be leaving tonight? Hello houseguests. Mike says that sometimes in life we have to step outside of our comfort zone and risk your own security for what you believe in and says he believes in integrity and honesty and says he had to make some actions in an inconvenient action that sacrificed his security. Hopes that all of them noticed it. (going on and on) Will walk out with dignity. Kail says she really appreciates their friendship and it's meant a lot to her. That each and every one of them will always have a special bond just by being in the house. If she stays, she hopes she can build the bonds.

:33 - Zach votes to evict Kail. Jameka votes to evict Mike. Jen votes to evict (ponders for a moment) Mike. Dustin (wearing silly votes to evict Mike. Rest vote live when we return. Commercial.

:37 - We're back. Voting continues. 3-1 in favorite of evicting Mike. Eric has to vote to evict Kail. Says he's Casanova of the BB house and that everybody's fair game (in reply to a possible AP question). Amber votes to evict Mike. Nick votes to evict Mike. It's official with 5 votes to evict Mike. Daniele votes to evict Michael. Jessica votes to evict Mike. Back to the LR.

:39 - Time to reveal the votes. By a vote of 7-2, Mike, you are evicted from the BB house. Gets up, doesn't hug anybody. Hands roses out of the topiaries to the girls. Tells everybody good l uck. Finally gets a hug. Walking out. He seems upset at being evicted.

:40 - Mike meets JC. Back to inside the house.

:41 - Dick accuses Jen of being the vote to evict Kail.

:41 - JC with Mike now. Tells Mike that people on the internet that his taunting Dick has been called the stupidest move ever. Says he was playing integrity and honestly. In Zach's video he says he stayed true to his vote to keep him in the house. Kail says he thinks they've both been played and that he's paying for it. Dustin says that he only knows 4 things about him after 3 weeks (he's from Wisconsin, like planes, a model, and eats a lot of meat). Amber says he's a great person and will be a great husband some day. Jen says it took a lot of guts to fight Dick while he was fighting on a pedestal. Dick says that putting yourself out there for anybody else in this game is stupid. Mike on The Early Show tomorrow morning.

:44 - Coming up is the HOH competition. Same stupid question/answer comp. Lame.

:47 - HOH competition called 'Eliminator'. Will be asking a serious of questions about HGs who have already been eliminated. Answers will be Carol, Joe, Mike, or none of the above. Buzz in to answer. If you're correct, you choose to eliminate somebody else. If you're wrong you're eliminated.

:48 - Can't keep up with the fast questions. Down to Jessica, Dustin, Jameka, Eric, Daniele, and Amber. Dustin gets rid of Jessica. Eric gets rid of Amber. Eric gets rid of Daniele. Eric is out. Down to Dustin and Jameka now. Dustin answers correctly and is the new HOH! Dick hands over the key. Everybody congratulating him. Commercial.

:54 - We're back. Time for us to get involved in AP question. Who do we want out of the house. Tell Eric who we want eliminated. Who should Eric get nominated? Vote here!

:55 - Let's rejoin the HGs. Congratulations Dustin! How does it feel and what does he think Joe thinks at home? Dustin says that Joe's prob spitting and screaming at home and that being HOH feels great. Dustin thinks he can be himself more now that Joe is out. Dick says his advice to Dustin is to keep a low profile but have fun. Kail says she caught a huge break and thanks everybody for keeping her here and says she's very blessed. JC tells them bye.

:56 - Who will Dustin nominate for eviction? Find out Sunday at 8:00 PM ET/7:00 PM CT. Then Tuesday at 9:00 PM ET/8:00 PM CT will the golden POV save one of the two nominees? Reminds us about the next live eviction a week from now and Showtime BBAD. Let's eavesdrop on the HGs.

:58 - Good night to you too Julie!

Dustin being HOH this week will be very interesting indeed. Nice to see a little bit of a shakeup. Who do you think he'll put up on the block? Do you think them evicting Mike was the smartest thing?

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