Jail is the New Black: Nicole Will Do Four Days

First Paris.

Soon Lindsay.

Now Nicole!

When is Britney Spears going to go to jail? She's the last on the list!

Nicole Richie was sentenced today to spend four days in jail following her DUI last year. This was Nicole's second DUI, and the minimum sentence in California is five days in jail. However, Nicole was given a full day of credit for the six hours she spent in the slammer after her arrest. Check out a pic of Nicole arriving at the courthouse with boyfriend Joel Madden.

The pregnant Nicole is due in January. Sources say that it is unlikely she will be forced to spend time in jail before she gives birth.

So what gives? Paris gets 45 days in jail for driving on a suspended license, and Nicole gets four days for her second DUI? I guess it all depends on the judge ...

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