Paula Abdul Done Being a Brat

Remember all that talk about Paula Abdul choreographing the upcoming live action Bratz movie? I know everyone was excited to watch a group of teenage actresses stumble across stages, burst randomly into tears, do the seal clap and trip over chihuahuas, but it looks like we may not be treated to that. Paula was informed that her services were not actually needed.

PAULA Abdul was fired via e-mail from the live-action movie "Bratz," as a TV camera recorded her tearful reaction. On this week's episode of "Hey Paula," Abdul's self-aggrandizing reality show on Bravo, the loopy "American Idol" judge is shown crying after she receives a message from real "Bratz" producers telling her that her services are no longer wanted. She had claimed she was the film's choreographer, costume designer and executive producer. The episode shows perma-victim Abdul screaming, "How can they treat me this way?" Our source said, "Paula was not ever really a part of the movie, and she was a nightmare to deal with. There was no way that was going to work." A rep for Lionsgate said, "We love Paula, and we were sorry the partnership wasn't able to come together."

Heh. "Perma-victim." That's a really good way to describe Paula Abdul on that show.

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