Larry Birkhead's Showing off Dannielynn

In general I try to stay away from the Larry Birkhead-ness in the news, because I don't know that anything about him is really newsworth. But Larry showed up on Entertainment Tonight with some really cute pics of little Dannielynn (view pics here), so I'll write about it. Just this once.

"Every day she does something new, and now she's sharing her bottle with me," says Larry. "So if I say, 'Give daddy a drink,' she'll toss it over her shoulder. It's cool being a dad."

Sharing her bottle? So she doesn't take after her mother, I guess.

Little Dannielynn turns one in September, so what's Larry planning for the celebration?

"I'm thinking big," he says. "Her mom called her princess, so [I'm thinking of doing] something kind of Disney princess, or Hello Kitty -- something real cool, so she can look back on it and say, 'What a cool party.'"

I hope that when you say "look back on it," Larry, what you mean is "look at the pictures on WireImage and the video from Entertainment Tonight," because I don't know if anyone mentioned this to you, but you don't really form lasting memories at age one. Which is probably in Dannielynn's best interest.

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