Beyonce Takes a Tumble, Kelly Rowland is Comfortable in Her Skin

Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland talks in the upcoming issue of Essence about a time when she didn't feel comfortable in her skin. "It's said that brown-skinned girls don't sell magazines and that's so sad," she tells the magazine. "I remember wishing I was more fair-skinned, but Tina Knowles, Beyoncé's mom, would say, 'Don't you know how beautiful you are?' She made me come into my brown beauty. I didn't get it, but now I do. I am chocolate and beautiful and loving it."

Meanwhile, her former bandmate Beyonce is recovering from a tumble she took at a show earlier in the week. During her sold out Orlando show, Beyonce fell down some stairs, landing on her face. "If you taped that, please don't put it on YouTube," said the singer after finishing the show. But within hours the clip was on YouTube. Unfortunately, most of those videos appear to have been pulled for copyright violations by now, otherwise I'd link to it. If anyone has a copy saved to a hard drive, drop me a line and I'll upload it.

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