Kim Kardashian Attends Nicole Brown Foundation Gala

When this chick isn't getting literally pissed on, she's figuratively pissing on other people's graves. From Page Six:

Kim Kardashian just loves to get naked for the cameras. The voluptuous daughter of O.J. Simpson lawyer Robert Kardashian recently stripped down for Playboy. "The photos have been already shot. I don't know if they show everything," a source tells us. Presumably, the snaps won't show as much as the notorious sex tape Kardashian made with rapper Ray J. Meanwhile, Kim was partying Saturday with Denise Richards at the Playboy Mansion at a benefit for the Nicole Brown Foundation.

Who cares about Playboy? What I want to talk about is why the hell Kim thought it was in any way appropriate for her to attend anything with Nicole Brown's name on it. For those of you who don't remember who Kim was before she was the chick with the ass who was partying with Paris, she's Robert Kardashian's daughter. That's right, she's the daughter of the dude who got OJ Simpson off for the murder of Nicole Brown. Really, Kim? You can't think of anywhere better to be on a Saturday night? And who the hell invited her to this thing, anyway?

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