HBO's Promise for Deadwood Movies is Dying

Remember how HBO tried to placate fans of the canceled drama Deadwood with promises of made-for-TV movies which would wrap up the series in a meaningful way?

If you're a Deadwood fan, it's been the one thing that you haven't forgotten about, I'm sure. However, HBO is now saying that the possibility of those Deadwood codas are "doable but daunting," according to Michael Lombardo, the network's President of the Programming Group and West Coast Operations.

The reasons? Well for one, there are no actor contracts in place and most of Deadwood's coterie have moved onto other projects, so that's a major hurdle in and of itself. But add that to the fact that creator David Milch has been focused on his latest series, HBO's John From Cincinnati, and you have a bit of a problem.

"[HBO has] had no conversations with David yet," Lombardo told Variety. "We're still interested but it may not happen."

Hmmm, the dissolution of a series of after-the-fact telepics designed to tie up loose ends and soothe the injured fans? Well, that just smacks of those oft-mentioned Spike movies. And we all know what happened to those in the end...

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