Look! Paris Hilton is Helping!

After being released from jail, Paris Hilton stated that she hoped to lend her celebrity to important causes. And she looks soooo happy to be attending the Life Rolls On benefit in Beverly Hills on Saturday (pics here). The foundation "exists to be a grassroots resource that provides hope and is an advocate on behalf of young people whose lives have been affected by spinal cord injury." The "honorary co-chairpersons" for the event were Kelly Slater and Minnie Driver (if they were there, WireImage's photogs missed them), and Molly Sims and Brooke Burns showed up as well.

But I suppose if I'm going to stand up for Lindsay Lohan, I should note that Paris hasn't totally sucked this week. When she wasn't too occupied lending her support to Taco Bell, she managed to support this SCI charity and some eco-friendly cars. Yes, she was probably paid for her appearances at these events, but Paris is offered money to attend about a hundred of these events each weekend, and the fact that she chose to attend charity events is a nice change of pace. So, okay, Paris. You get a gold star for this past week. We'll see how you do in the coming week.

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