What I'll Be Watching, July 26

8 pm: Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares on BBC America

Missing a softer side of Chef Ramsay? Catch the third season of the original UK Kitchen Nightmares before FOX launches an American scented one this fall. On tonight's installment ("Rococo"), Gordon heads to King's Lynn, where he visits a restaurant that, while charming, is on the verge of closure. Not helping matters is a stubborn chef and an overpriced and outdated menu. Can Gordon shake some sense into these restaurateurs? Find out tonight.

8:30 pm: 30 Rock

It's Televisionary's favorite new comedy from last season. On tonight's repeat installment ("The Rural Juror"), Jenna awaits the release of her tongue twister titled independent film The Rural Juror, while Tracy attempts to create his own celebrity product to endorse.

9 pm: The Office

On tonight's repeat episode ("Phyllis' Wedding"), Phyllis regrets giving Michael an important job at her wedding (um, namely, pushing her wheelchair-bound father down the aisle) while Dwight looks to nab errant wedding crashers.

* * *

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