Big Brother Power Rankings #2

I think the game is a giant glom right now. A few alliances have crumbled already, and there are very few vocal leaders in the house. So the goal is to figure out "who is the quietest" - which isn't too easy.

Mike12. Mike
Evel wants Kail to go, but the house may be just fed up enough with Evel's plans to try and dislodge him. That would mean poor Mike would pay the price for being a decent guy. I said before that I didn't know what Mike was all about but I guess I do now. He's a good fella with very poor comedic timing.

Kail11. Kail
Of course she's still in dire trouble, but I think America gives her one vote through Eric. That means she needs five more. Let's say Jen is one of them, despite the rift Evel tried to create. Amber (fellow mom), and Dustin (Amber ally) would mean she'd need two more. Throw in Nick and Daniele (just to screw with ED) and Kail has new life. I'm not saying she played it well, or that she's earned it, but I wouldn't count her out just yet.

Evel Dick10. Evel Dick
Wow. What a couple of days for ED. He's been stomping around the house like an Zsar. Only one problem... he doesn't have an actual alliance and he's making giant bold moves about eight weeks too early. I feel for the guy, I know it's a tough gig being in there with an estranged relative, but all the aggro pieces of his personality are flashing way too often for what is a very subtle game at times.

Jessica9. Jessica
I don't even know that she's so much playing the game as much as hanging out. This will be a problem somewhere down the line, but at this point she's blending into the wall.

Jen8. Jen
Jen might be growing on me. She's going to be very strong in competitions and she's completely immune to intimidation. These are rare qualities, even though she's clearly too self-involved at times. I'm also mildly intrigued by her mention of "lacking emotions." Oddly enough this could be the prototype BB player if things break right.

Nick7. Nick
I loved how much he pushed back against ED. Who needs that kind of crap in such a confined space? However, ED is right on one point, his unflagging crush on Daniele puts a big ol' target on his back.

Amber6. Amber
She definitely has the sympathetic thing going and she's not afraid to throw a tear out if need be. At some point down the line I see her having some troubles making decisions though, this will be her undoing.

Zach5. Zach
Well, he doesn't mind streaking, give him that. I wonder if the Showtime people saw that? Or was it during the day? I'm sure everyone else besides me remembers, but I can only keep a few thousand things straight at one time and right now my two tiny nieces are staying at my place - meaning my home has been invaded by tiny people who want to lay on me and trot My Little Ponies across my head constantly.

Eric4. Eric
I'm not sure if there is anti-Eric sentiment out there but I quite like the guy. I will say I'm not sure why the producers are having him vandalize people's personal possessions, and I hope he doesn't think that's coming from America. We only vote on "who" Eric! Can you hear me bud?

Jameka3. Jameka
She'll have to get over the whole "I represent an entire race" deal, and soon. It's way too much pressure for a person. And besides, I think it was first mentioned around 17 reality years ago in the first Real World. At this point if people are judging an entire race based on one reality show I'd say you probably shouldn't bother even trying to sway them.

Daniele2. Daniele
She's not playing great but she has two guys willing to take a bullet for her. I think her biggest competition is Jen, but again, Jen doesn't have Nick and ED. And trust me, all talk aside, ED will go to the mat for Daniele, even though she won't for him. Actually I'd still like to see a Daniele - Jen finale like I predicted before the show started. That would be fireworks galore.

Dustin1. Dustin
Who is playing this game better than Dustin right now? He seems authentic, he refused to lie to Joe just for the sake of a pleasant day, he's got a rock solid (but quiet) ally in Amber. He's just hitting his stride too, he'll pull someone else in to the web in the next few weeks.

If I'm wrong (somewhat possible) then you go ahead and let me know.


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