Can't Get You Out of My Head: Kylie Minogue Heads to Doctor Who

Sometimes it's so hard to have received a piece of particularly juicy gossip but be unable to share it with you, my readers. (Believe it or not, it happens more often than you think.)

So, thanks to a particularly well-timed release (though beware, it contains spoilers), it's time to unburden myself on this particular point, at least, what with the US launch of Doctor Who's third season just around the corner (Friday, to be precise).

Lucky, lucky, lucky singer Kylie Minogue has signed on to appear in Doctor Who's Season Four Christmas special, which is now titled "Voyage of the Damned" (a far less cheerful title than "The Runaway Bride," the third season's special), in which she'll play one of the lead roles. (Read: one of the Doctor's temporary assistants/companions à la Catherine Tate in "The Runaway Bride.")

"We are delighted and excited to announce that Kylie Minogue will be joining the Doctor," said executive producer Russell T. Davies. "Doctor Who Christmas specials are always a joy and we feel very confident that this will be the most ambitious and best Christmas episode yet."

Filming on Doctor Who's "Voyage of the Damned" Christmas special starts this month in Cardiff.

* * *

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