Scott Patterson Goes from Gilmore Girls to Aliens in America

Ah, recasting. Tis the season, apparently. Did you see the massive turnover at Boston Legal? You could have enough confetti for a parade from all the pink slips being handed out there alone.

Today, however, there is good news for the severely Gilmore-deprived among our readers, who can finally put aside their hatred at the CW for taking away their weekly Luke fix.

Scott Patterson, who played coffee shop proprietor/on-again-off-again love interest for the elder Gilmore girl for seven seasons of Gilmore Girls, has signed on to star in the CW's new fall comedy, Aliens in America.

Aliens in America follows the relationship and cultural misunderstandings between a 16-year-old malcontent in Wisconsin and his Christian family's Muslim exchange student. Patterson will play the family's spendthrift father. He replaces Patrick Breen, who originated the role in the pilot.

There, Gilmore fans. Are you happy now?

* * *

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