What I'll Be Watching, July 10

9 pm: Eureka on Sci Fi

Season Two of Eureka kicks off tonight with "Phoenix Rising," in which the denizens of Eureka question what's going on when a series of deaths by spontaneous combustion claim several townspeople. Meanwhile, Henry copes with fallout from the events of the season finale and the loss of Kim.

9 pm: Veronica Mars

Well, it's finally here. When Veronica Mars fades to black tonight, it completely disappears off the airwaves. (Gee, thanks again, CW!) On tonight's repeat episode ("Spit & Eggs"), Mac finally returns from what must have been the most grueling school "project" of all time; Veronica runs very fast to the beat of some vintage Fatboy Slim; Parker screams rape; and the Hearst rapist is finally unmasked... but not before one character goes to the college campus in the sky.

10 pm: Pirate Master

The pirate-themed reality/adventure series moves to Tuesday nights. On tonight's episode ("A Deal with the Devil"), Captain Azmyth's devious officers concoct a plan to exhaust the crew right before they depart for the next expedition, while Joe Don and Nessa take their relationship a step further. Woo!

10 pm: Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List on Bravo

Yes, it's a guilty pleasure of the highest degree but I'm desperate for something to watch tonight. On this week's installment, Kathy takes a tour of the Arizona State Penitentiary and gives back to the gay community. Though what those two things have to do with each other, I'm not entirely, er, sure.

* * *

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