FOX Parks Drive Finale Again and Announces Fall Schedule

Oh, you poor fans of Drive, I really do feel for you.

After announcing that it would burn off the two remaining installments of failed action/mystery series Drive with a two-hour send-off this Friday, FOX has recanted its statement, yanking Drive from the schedule once again.

The network has instead scheduled a repeat of Bones for Friday at 8 pm and a new installment of fellow failed drama Standoff at 9 pm.

It had previously scheduled the two-hour "finale" of Drive for last week but pulled a switcheroo at the last second there too, opting to air feature Anger Management in its place. (Talk about misplaced anger for the remaining fans of Drive.)

As for when, if ever, FOX will air those two remaining Drive episodes, your guess is as good as mine. It's still possible that they'll get burned off during some Friday this summer, especially with Standoff wrapping up at 18 episodes instead of the planned 19.

No word on whether the missing Drive episodes will be streamed over FOX's MySpace page.

In other scheduling news, FOX was first out of the gate when it unveiled its fall premiere schedule, announcing that it would not hold back its fall launches until after baseball. After all, this is the network that has tried everything from launching in July or August (worked for The O.C. and Prison Break) and November, so why not try actually launching during or around premiere week for a change?

Given the shorter baseball season coverage this year and the perfect opportunity in the Emmy Awards (September 16) to heavily promote their series, FOX has opted to use that week as a springboard for several of its new and returning series launches.

Below are the fall premiere dates for FOX:

Thursday, August 30

8 pm: Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

Thursday, September 13

9 pm: Kitchen Nightmares (new series)

Friday, September 14

9 pm: Nashville (new series)

Monday, September 17

8 pm: Prison Break

9 pm: K-Ville (new series)

Wednesday, September 19

8 pm: Back to You (new series)

8:30 pm: 'Til Death

9 pm: Bones

Sunday, September 23

8 pm: The Simpsons

8:30 pm: King of the Hill

9 pm: Family Guy (one-hour season premiere)

Tuesday, September 25

8 pm: New Amsterdam (new series)

9 pm: House

Sunday, September 30

9:30 pm: American Dad

And there you have it. What will you be watching this fall on FOX? And which shows will inevitably get the Drive treatment from the notoriously trigger-happy network and get cancelled quickly?

* * *

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