Paris Hilton Says She's Never Done Drugs? Yeah, Right.

Paris Hilton must have been high if she thought for a second that we'd buy that. Last night, she threw away any hope I had that she'd come out of jail a genuinely improved human being by looking Larry King in the eye and stating that she'd never done drugs. You can read the full transcript of the interview here, but here's the part that matters:

KING: Have you ever been addicted to drugs?


KING: Taken drugs.


KING: Never taken drugs?


Of course Paris Hilton's taken drugs. There are photographs all over the Internet. What about this time, Paris? Or this time? Or the time photogs caught you with weed in your purse?

I understand her thinking -- deny, deny, deny -- it's an approach used by starlets and presidents alike, but Paris Hilton is not running a country, although some days it feels that way. Paris Hilton is a party girl, and her drug use is well documented. This would have been an ideal opportunity for her to say, "Yes, I've used drugs in the past. It was an awful decision, and it resulted in nothing but worthless friendships, emotional trauma and jail time. I realize now how immature and irresponsible that sort of behavior was, and I will not be making that mistake again." That would have set a positive example, Paris: admitting to one's mistakes and learning from them. Instead, you looked the country in the eye, after swearing you were a changed person, and you lied, and, if it was at all possible, I think less of you now than I did before.

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