Paris Hilton's First Days of Freedom: Hair Extensions and Interviews

So what has Paris been up to since her release from jail early Tuesday morning?

Perhaps not surprisingly, she's been playing dress-up. After sporting a $440 Petro Zillia jacket and $300 Marcella Toshi heels during her catwalk to freedom, Paris had a 9:30 a.m. hair appointment where she got new hair extensions put in. Immediately after, she sat down for an exclusive photo shoot and interview with People magazine.

In the interview, Paris talks about her difficult first nights in jail. "I was basically in the fetal position, basically in hysterics. All of the inmates were very supportive. There were girls next to me. We could talk through the vents and they were just really sweet."

While People has Paris on their cover, US Weekly is both retaliating at Hilton and scoring some smart PR for themselves by blacking out Paris Hilton coverage in this week's issue. "The staff and I felt what I believe a lot of people in America are feeling. Which is just enormous Paris fatigue," said editor Janice Min. "I don't think we even mention the city of Paris."

Paris will appear on Larry King Live tonight to do her first televised interview since leaving jail.

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