What I'll Be Watching, June 27

8-10 pm: Hidden Palms

On the sixth episode of this eight-episode teen thriller/relationship drama ("Dangerous Liaisons"), Johnny confronts Greta about the bloody angel costume Liza discovered in Cliff's room, while Nikki catches Cliff kissing Eddie's mom at a party. On the penultimate episode ("Stand By Your Woman"), Johnny tells Greta and Liza about Cliff's affair while Cliff tries to win back Nikki while fending off Maria Nolan.

10 pm: Top Chef on Bravo

On tonight's episode of Top Chef ("Family Favorites"), the chefs are tasked with working with some exotic shellfish; CJ makes a muddy mess out of tuna; and the contestants get themselves into hot water... in the jacuzzi.

10 pm: Traveler

On tonight's episode ("The Trader"), Tyler and Jay go back to New York to investigate some financial ties to the bombing while Will attempts to avenge his girlfriend's death.

* * *

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