Angelina Jolie: Hiding a Drug Problem?

Is Angelina Jolie using heroin? Ted Casablancas thinks so. [Evil Beet]

Peaches Geldof brings ennui to a whole new level. [Agent Bedhead]

Kanye West admits he's been "swimming in wack juice." But not in, like, an R. Kelly way. [Bree]

Foxy Brown dumps her boyfriend because she finds out he's an (actual) pimp. Then this dude sends a bunch of his bitches after her and they kick her ass and rip out her weave. [Bossip]

Marissa Miller reminds me that I need to call my plastic surgeon before summer's over. [Drunken Stepfather]

David Lee Roth used to pay a $100 bonus to the crew member who brought the hottest chick to his dressing room after a show. [Celebslam]

Demi Moore is tired of her teenage daughters getting all the attention, so she decided to run around in a very, very see-through shirt. It's win-win, really. [The Blemish]

You know, I'd make some comment about Brooke Hogan wearing a goddamn leopard-print bikini, but it's still a huge improvement over her ass-less denim jeans. [Yeeeah!]

Nicole Richie loves that you all think she's pregnant. She's having way more fun with this than we are, I promise. [Ninja Dude]

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