Casting Couch: Vance and Garcia Join the Prison Break Gang

Casting on Season Three of FOX's crime drama Prison Break has kicked into high gear.

Just a few days after announcing the casting of Jodi Lyn O'Keefe (who will play a shadowy government agent named, yes, "Betty Crocker") and Robert Wisdom, FOX has added two more actors to the mix, both of whom will play integral roles in the drama's third season, set in Panama.

British actor Chris Vance (All Saints) will play an enigmatic character named Whistler, a fellow prisoner at SONA Prison, where Michael has just been incarcerated. (No blueprint-heavy tattoos for him.) Meanwhile, Danay Garcia (CSI: Miami) will play Whistler's Panamanian girlfriend, Sofia. With Michael and Whistler being held captive at a prison, and Sofia and Linc on the outside, expect each pair to team up to launch an escape or, uh, prison break.

Both actors have been hired as series regulars on Prison Break's third season, which kicks off this fall.

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