Prince William and Kate Middleton: Back On!

At least that's what News of the World is reporting.

Although they split in April following rumors Wills would propose, the two were reportedly sucking face on the dance floor at a June 7 party for William and other troop leaders.

The Moulin Rouge-themed bash was titled Freakin' Naughty and featured blow-up dolls and guests dressed as saucy nuns, doctors and nurses, some in sexy Ann Summers lingerie.

Kate was dressed more modestly, but looked gorgeous and Wills could not take his eyes off her, according to guests.

They chatted all night but she kept breaking off to mingle with his Army pals. One guest said Wills followed Kate around looking like a lost puppy and finally dragged her onto the dancefloor at midnight.

After an intimate dance the couple kissed passionately.

When friends joked that they should get a room, Wills did just that, leading Kate back to his private quarters where they spent several hours.

I don't quite understand at what point in time I started caring about the British Royal Family, but I'm really rooting for these two. I was genuinely happy when I saw this, which is strange, because normally when two people split up and then have a romantic reunion I'm just plain bitter. But I adore Wills, and Kate seems like a solid girl who has her head screwed on right (although with arguable taste in head-wear), and Wills seems to be genuinely in love with her. Plus she's a commoner, making this a true fairy-princess tale. Apparently Kate's still not sure if she wants to get back into a full-fledged relationship with Wills, but they're going to see each other twice in the next month at formal affairs, and hopefully Kate will realize how much she loves him and how cute she'd be as the Queen of England and then they'll get married and it will be sooooo adorable!!

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