Germany Bans Tom Cruise

Historically, I've tended to fiercely disagree with Germany's decisions about what type of people can and cannot live there in peace. However, I fully support the recent decision to ban Tom Cruise. [Celebslam]

Okay, so I have this obsession with the Avril Lavigne song "Girlfriend" that I'm often loathe to discuss. But, you know what? That song pretty much rocks. And what rocks even harder is this remix of it, featuring Lil' Mama. [popbytes]

Jack Black's son has the hugest head ever. [Socialite's Life]

Sigh. Britney Spears filed a restraining order against her mother. [Derek Hail]

Justin Timberlake Being an Asshole: Part 174. [Girls Talkin' Smack]

I love that Agent Bedhead just admitted on the Internet that she had a sex dream about Eli Roth. It makes me feel a lot better about that dream I had the other night that I went to jail and Paris Hilton was my cellmate and we were staring at each other naked and comparing our bodies. Anyway. [Agent Bedhead]

Eva Longoria wedding pictures ... people still care ... not sure why ... wasn't she on a TV show once? [Cele|bitchy]

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