Katie Holmes: Pregnant Again?

Everyone's saying that Katie Holmes is pregnant again. I don't think that's likely, seeing as how she's suddenly 48 years old. [Celebslam]

Shar Jackson's all like, "Look, I know you people don't think very highly of me, but I didn't go back to the dude who dumped me for Britney Spears and get pregnant with another one of his kids. I may have agreed to do Moesha, but, in general, I have standards." [Cele|bitchy]

Hilary Duff sports the fishnets for CosmoGirl. [Ninja Dude]

Cameron Diaz is still damn pretty. [The Blemish]

Now that The Sopranos is over, I guess we have to start caring about those Gotti kids again. [Celebrity Smack]

I never watched X Files. I never cared about David Duchovny. But I remember he was on a talk show once, and the host asked him how his wife felt about the fact that some chick had written a song called "David Duchovny, Why Won't You Love Me?" and he was all like, "Well, I wrote my own song. It's called 'Tea Leoni, Why Won't You Blow Me,' so we're okay now." And I love him for that. Anyway, he's got a new series coming out. [popbytes]

Did Beyonce get liposuction? [Cityrag]

Joss Stone thinks she might have to turn lesbian. Amen, sister. [Fatback & Collards]

Jessica Simpson hits the gym. [Drunken Stepfather]

Matt Dillon has really bad B.O. [SOW]

Jessica Alba's all like, "Thank God I don't have to feel connected to my Mexican heritage, because those people are trashy." This from the girl who admits she prefers to sleep around. [Gabby]

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