Did Paris Hilton and Jack Osbourne Hook Up?

Did Paris Hilton engage in some manner of sexual activity with Jack Osbourne? Ozzy seems to think so. [Yeeeah!]

Despite the upcoming Spice Girls reunion, Victoria Beckham released a new track with Nas, who, last I checked, was not credited anywhere on "Wannabe." [Bossip]

The O.C.'s Kelly Rowan got engaged to the tenth richest man in the world. I wonder if he has a brother. [Evil Beet]

Jude Law is occasionally wasted. [Cele|bitchy]

Katherine Heigl is creating a line of "fashionable scrubs for healthcare professionals." [POTP]

Check out the new music video from Rihanna, for "Shut Up & Drive." [popbytes]

Fox's Hell's Kitchen is the latest reality series being put under the microscope for not being 100% "real." [Geno]

Jennifer Aniston attends a book party, which I guess is kind of like reading, right? [Holy Candy]

Jessica Biel does GQ. [Derek Hail]

Someone allowed Pete Doherty into a Disney function. [Agent Bedhead]

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