Nicole Richie Will Fight DUI Charge

For the first time in recent memory, Nicole Richie really, really doesn't want to be more like Paris Hilton. The tiny starlet announced today through her lawyer that she will fight her most recent DUI charge, and a court date has been set for July 11. Richie was formally charged with a DUI in February, after driving the wrong way on an L.A. freeway last December as she was leaving boyfriend Joel Madden's house at 4 in the morning.

Nicole has a previous DUI, so if she's convicted, she faces a minimum of five days in prison, and a maximum of one year. All this happens to coincide with Internet rumors that Nicole's preggers -- with photographs of Richie's supposed "baby bump" circulating. At first my reaction was, like, you say "baby bump," I say "distended belly." But these rumors have persisted for several weeks now, and the photos are becoming more convincing -- I wonder if Nicole's hoping a pregnancy will keep her out of jail.

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