The 10 Best Stephen King Movies

Stephen King is back folks, so I figured it was time to give some mad respect to the horror master that has scared us all at least a couple of times. Now certainly there's no love lost between me and King over the last decade, but I will not deny that the man has written some classic stories, many of which have become classic films. So let's count 'em down, shall we?

10) Firestarter
Drew Barrymore stars as Charlie, the young pyrokinetic who sets fires with her mind. Something of an interesting companion piece to Carrie, this thriller asks what would happen if the government discovered someone with this kind of destructive force, and then wanted to use them to their own ends.

9) Stand By Me
Based upon a short story titled The Body, this is the story of four friends who take a trip to see a dead body before it is recovered. Along the way they learn a lot about themselves and friendship, except this is much better and less corny than it sounds. The film stars Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: TNG), Corey Feldman (Lost Boys), Jerry O'Connell (Crossing Jordan) and the late, great River Phoenix.

8) Children of the Corn
While somewhat dated, this classic chiller about a town where the kids have slaughtered all of the adults still holds up. Although I feel that there isn't a single sequel put to film that's remotely worthy of the original, this stands as one of the few Stephen King works to spawn sequels.

7) The Dead Zone
This classic, story-turned-television series was once upon a time a really great movie about a creepy Christopher Walken who can peer into the future simply by touching your hand. Easily one of Walken's best leading roles.

6) Cujo
He's not possessed. He isn't from Hell. He's just a dog that's got rabies. And it's still freakin' scary.

5) Misery
The mother of all stalker movies. There isn't a celebrity out there that shouldn't be strapped to a chair and shown this movie at least once. It certainly gives you pause before accepting that invitation. The sledgehammer scene still messes with me as one of the top 10 wounds of all time.

4) Christine
Back before King had run out of things to make scary, he made a car creepy as hell in this classic directed by John Carpenter. Hands-down, this film has one of King's greatest endings.

3) Carrie
One of King's triumphs is also one of his earliest works. This story of rejection and teen angst culminates in one of the greatest horror climaxes ever seen. When that sweet, innocent girl that you have come to love and understand simply loses her cool and begins killing her fellow students with her mind, well, it's an allegory that holds true and is still chilling today.

2) The Shining
Considered one of the best horror movies ever, Stanley Kubrick's epic haunted house story was not liked by King, but loved by everyone else on the planet. King later had this remade for television. It didn't hold a candle to the film version.

1) Shawshank Redemption
One of King's few non-horror stories, this needs no introduction. It is one of the finest films ever made if not simply the greatest prison movie ever made.

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