What I'll Be Watching, June 21

8 pm: Pirate Master.

On tonight's episode ("Death by Coconuts"), flirting between shipmates could turn into full-blown romance, Jay must deal with the fact that Sean went against their deal, and the latest treasure brings a twist in the game: a Royal Pardon.

8 pm: The Office.

It's the first of three super-sized installments of The Office tonight. Up first is "Casino Night," the Season Two finale, in which Michael hosts a casino-themed charity fundraiser in the Dunder-Mifflin warehouse and, oh, yeah, there's that kiss.

8:41-9:25 pm: The Office.

It's one of my favorite episodes from this past season ("Branch Closing"), in which Michael tries to keep the employees of Dunder-Mifflin Scranton upbeat after he learns that their branch will be shutting down, leading everyone (especially Stanley) to imagine how their lives would be better if they DIDN'T work there anymore.

9:25 pm: The Office.

It's the final of three episodes tonight on The Office ("The Merger"), in which the Scranton and Stamford branches of Dunder-Mifflin are merged together, causing a few reunions (ahem, Jim and Pam) and some new faces around the old office (Karen and Andy).

* * *

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