Face Cake: Aloma Wright Returns to "Scrubs"

While Scrubs might be creatively hanging on by a thread (the struggling series was recently renewed for a seventh season in the eleventh hour), one thing that never changes is my love for Scrubs' tough nurse Laverne Roberts.

So imagine my surprise when I learned that Aloma Wright, who played the lovably sarcastic Laverne before her character's untimely death this season, would be returning to the NBC comedy... this time playing Laverne's twin sister Shirley. (Get it? Laverne and Shirley?)

Wright will return next season for Scrubs' seventh (and widely thought to be final) season thanks to a little agreement she made with the series' creator Bill Lawrence. He knew that he wanted to kill off a supporting character for some dramatic effect, given that it was likely Scrubs' last season, but didn't want to put an actor on the series out of work. So Lawrence promised that he'd find a way to include Wright, should Scrubs get renewed. Hence: the twin sister idea, straight out of Days of Our Lives or similar.

"It's going to be fun developing another character after doing the same one for six years," said Wright. "I'm glad to know [Bill Lawrence] is a man of his word and I've still got a job."

Wright will play a completely different character than the one fans have gotten used to; instead Laverne's sister Shirley will be her polar opposite: a single, alcoholic with a deep distrust of religion.

A bizarro casting twist or just the thing to resuscitate Scrubs? You decide.

* * *

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