Rocker Richie Sambora in Rehab

Richie Sambora checks into rehab after a very sloppy MTV Unplugged performance. [Evil Beet]

No Doubt is headed into the studio next month to record their first album in six years. [Bree]

It turns out celebrities get divorced a lot. [popbytes]

Hugh Hefner totally agrees that Kendra Wilkinson's an idiot. But, lucky for her, she's a very, very hot idiot. [Holy Candy]

Cindy Crawford has a daughter? [Daily Stab]

Eva Longoria enjoys making Tony Parker jealous. [Celebslam]

The latest rumor is that Britney Spears is dating her drug counselor. [Cele|bitchy]

Cisco Adler's balls make their triumphant return to the spotlight. [CityRag]

Jesus over at DrunkenStepfather reminds the paparazzi who creates their market these days. [Drunken Stepfather]

Nicole Richie doesn't particularly want to go to jail. Also, we're just going to keep saying she's pregnant until we see the goddamn abortion footage. [The Bosh]

Aww ... Bob Barker says goodbye to The Price is Right. Man, I will never be able to think about Bob Barker without thinking about Adam Sandler screaming that "the price is wrong, bitch!" [POTP]

ABC is advertising Kyle XY via skywriting. I'd say that someone probably ought to re-evaluate their marketing goals, but, hey, I'm writing about it, aren't I? [Defamer]

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