Spice Girls Urged Not to Reproduce

Finally! Someone said it to their faces!

With a reunion imminent (and seemingly inevitable), the Spice Girls' manager, Simon Fuller (yes, the guy who produces American Idol), has laid down a list of rules for the girls. The Sun got their hands on it. Among the list of do's and don'ts: "Do not become pregnant – please!"

Seriously! Five of you is enough. The remainder of the rules are vaguely reminiscent of a "Class Rules" poster my third-grade teacher tacked to the wall, with violations resulting in one's absence from recess.

Do not get into spats between yourselves over plans and decisions – is it worth it?

Respect each other’s personal lives and commitments.

Respect each other’s views.

Do not talk about money that you will potentially earn from the reunion.

Talk about memories of the Spice Girls with affection and pride.

Raise any queries with Nicki (Chapman) and myself at the scheduled meeting.

Do not confirm or deny any rumours until everything is in place.

Do not worry about schedules and time — this will all be arranged with everyone in mind.

So basically, like, you're all in your 30s now. If you could not spoil a multi-million-dollar deal by squabbling like pre-teens, that would be awesome, mmkay?

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