Kelly Clarkson Discusses Eating Disorder

Not to be a huge bitch, but does anyone else find it interesting that Kelly Clarkson's all like, "One time, I was bulimic for like five minutes," right as her album and career are tanking? [IBBB]

Remember Club Paris? That super hot club in Jacksonville, Florida that was never anywhere close to actually being super hot, for reasons not unrelated to the fact that it's in Jacksonville, Florida? Well it changed its name. To Dior. Whatever. [Celebrity Smack]

Sean Preston Federline already has his very own Caddy. [Celebslam]

Ashlee Simpson gets her hair did. [Yeeeah!]

Genius. [popbytes]

Hey, for anyone looking to update the Gawker Stalker map, Jimmy Kimmel's in the hospital. [SOW]

Mandy Moore's new album may as well be titled Zach Braff Sucks. [Cele|bitchy]

Look, folks, Justin Timberlake's banging Jessica Biel, so he'll wear whatever damn pair of shorts he wants, no matter how ridiculous they may look. [A Socialite's Life]

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