Paris Hilton Interviews from Jail

Paris Hilton is set to be released from jail either Sunday or Monday, but she's already doing interviews. Hilton called into Ryan Seacrest's radio show on Friday morning to discuss her jail stay.

On gaining new perspective:

"I'm so much more grateful for everything that I have, even just to have a pillow at night or food. You know, my gratitude has gone up so much."

On her place in the media:

"I just realize that the media used me to make fun of and be mean about it...[I am] frankly sick of it and I want to use my fame in a good way."

On the difficulty of visits in jail:

"I am behind glass and I want to give my dad a big hug and they won't even let me do that. That's how the rules are, you have to be behind glass. I'm not a criminal, I'm not dangerous, so it makes me feel like that. It's hard but I'm stronger everyday."

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